About Gathr.

Let’s face it, planning a dinner party for your best friend’s birthday is a ton of work. Your willingness to prepare four different dishes for five different people when you get home at six and they get here at seven is worth only the finest rosé. It will get you through doing all of the dishes.

Before we take another sip, let’s consider an alternative. What if you could have a get-together planned with the tap of a button? a whole entire party planned in just a matter of minutes? What if you used Gathr?

Imagine getting together with your friends under one roof and sharing an experience in its purest, most intimate form.

Imagine local artists, entertainers, trainers, and intellectuals giving you and your friends a personalized experience none of them, or you, will ever forget.

That’s Gathr. A unique way to plan unique experiences for the people you care about (without having to do all the work). Collaborate with local creatives to create events that you and your friends will talk about for years to come.