Having a tough time picking the perfect event? What kind of vibe are you going for?



From midnight martinis to mid-morning mimosas, you’re an unstoppable party machine that runs on fun and shouting the word “woo!” If you party harder than the average bear (and they smack salmon right out of the river), you’ll get your kicks here on Gathr.

From blasting beats to the choicest eats, we’ve got the recipe for an unforgettable time for you and your friends. Some parts might get a little hazy, though.




You’re as snug as a bug in a rug by a fireplace on a soft comfy cloud. Your ideal Friday night out is a Friday night in. The last time you had a rager was when you indulged in a second cup of tea. 

If you and your friends are looking for low-key, intimate events, look no further. We’ve got you covered like 800-thread count Egyptian cotton sheets.




Some people don’t have a creative bone in their body — and that’s because you’re hogging them all. Whether it’s arts, crafts, music, or more, you’re the first in line to express yourself. You only need three things to unwind after a tough day: a pen, paper, and a jammy Zin.

Get together with your friends and make something. We won’t judge. It’s going on our fridge no matter what.




Yes. Quite. Indubitably. If you know what that last word means, you fancy. You live a life of tea parties and doily-having. If you pontificate the average soiree to be a bit of a brutish affair, we’ll help you throw a Brut-ish one instead. You know, like the Champagne.

We’ll assist you in hosting the most sophisticated events this side of Buckingham. Just have your butler click below.




You like to get your body moving on more than just the dance floor. Physical activity really gets your blood pumping — both literally and figuratively. You’re health-conscious and have a gym membership you actually use. We should really start going again…

From group classes to healthy get-togethers, we’ve got events that will really move you. Once again, both literally and figuratively.




Hey there, poindexter. There’s a whole bunch of stuff to know in this world, and you’re gonna do your best to learn as much as you can. Maybe there’s a cool rock fact. Possibly something about bugs, or maybe rivers? We’d say the sky is the limit, but we’re sure there’s someone out there who wants to tell you all about space, too.

You learn something new every day. Why not make it two things? Get some friends together for a fun and educational event.