Vinyasa Flow


What We'll Do

Balancing the energy channels in the body from the ground up. Incorporating specific postures to release different muscle groups and balance the energy channels in the body. Expect some flow and long holds in the body.

• City of Chicago

• 1 Hour 30 Minutes

• Led by Brooke

• $200 for 2-10 guests

• $250 for 10-20 guests

• $300 for 20+ guests


About Brooke

After having spent many years on the mat, yoga has become a way of life for me. It has changed my way of thinking, speaking, living, loving and existing in this world. To be able to be inside your body physically and mentally while simultaneously strengthening the two is very powerful. I have gotten to travel the world learning and experiencing the power of yoga. I am more than grateful for what I have learned on this crazy path of life and I strive to learn more. I would love to work with you and help you find balance in whatever parts of your life need positive love and support.



What else you should know.

All you need is a mat. Also, we suggest wearing comfortable clothes. Hosts can add to the experience by personalizing their Gathr event in their own space. Set the mood and make your guests feel welcomed or invite your guests to bring something special—it's your party after all so you can really find ways to make it your own. 

I'm all booked. What's next?

A Gathr Curator will reach out to you to confirm your booking, gathr location, to get a final guest list of all attendees, images of your space, and any special instructions or notes for our pro. Need to reschedule or cancel? You can learn more more about our cancellation policy here.