Jedi Mind Control


What We'll Do

Learn how to control your thoughts and feel limitless, powerful, light, and inspired while being in a deep state of calm. Jenny Arrington draws from several lineages of yoga to bring a rich array of powerful meditation practices to you, allowing you to experience the immediate benefits of pranayama meditations, chanting, mantra, sound healing, and mindfulness practices. Jenny draws on ancient, little known yogic practices to help you remove subconscious blocks that are inhibiting personal, relationship, and career growth. You will leave this experience with tools you can easily integrate into your every day life.

• City of Chicago

• 1.5 Hours

• Led by Jenny

• $48 per person (5 person minimum)

• $612 Unlimited guests

• Add-ons Candles $20; Oils $30



About Jenny 

Jenny Arrington, also known as Radha Kirin, believes obstacles aren't in our way, they are the way. In every one of her classes, she helps her students use the ancient tools of yoga to remove obstacles and become the best version of themselves. Jenny is a different kind of yoga teacher. She takes her love of academia and science, blending it with many styles of yoga to maximize the experience for her students.

Jenny's background

  • Teaches at Northwestern University, Kellogg School of Management

  • Specializes in Yin Yoga, Kundalini, Vinyasa, Pranayam, and many types of meditation.

  • RYT certified and KRI certified Kundalini Yoga Teacher

  • Chairs the board of a circus and performing arts school The Actors Gymnasium, performing as an aerialist there as well.


Fun Facts:

  • She gave birth on TLC’s A Baby Story in a tub in her kitchen and it still airs on the show.

  • She invented a design that took her to second round of Shark Tank.

  • She is the author of two upcoming books.

  • One is on overcoming disordered eating using ancient yogic practices and the second is a comprehensive Kundalini Yoga Posture Manual.


What else you should know.

All you need is yourself, your partner and a mat to share. Also, we suggest wearing comfortable clothes. Hosts can add to the experience by personalizing their Gathr event in their own space. Set the mood and make your guests feel welcomed or invite your guests to bring something special—it's your party after all so you can really find ways to make it your own. 

I'm all booked. What's next?

A Gathr Curator will reach out to you to confirm your booking, gathr location, to get a final guest list of all attendees, images of your space, and any special instructions or notes for our pro. Need to reschedule or cancel? You can learn more more about our cancellation policy here.