Call me Old Fashioned:Candles & Cocktails


What We'll Do

You’ll learn the art of crafting an Old Fashioned in between making candles from scratch! You will make two 8oz candles (one for you and one to give as a gift) -or- make 1 big 16 oz Candle.

Christina will share insider secrets on candle making to make even store bought candles last longer. She’ll also answer any general bartending questions you have so you can look like a boss for all your upcoming parties.

All the Instagram pics! This process is so freaking cute you are def. going to want to share!

• City of Chicago

• 1.5 Hours

• $54 per person


“I will fix drinks and teach you how to craft an Old fashion drink (like Ryan Gosling in that one movie I can never remember the name of).”



Shopping list








About Christina

Coming soon!


What else you should know.

We will use a high quality organic Coconut oil/Soy blend organic wax (don’t worry it does not smell like coconuts). Burn time is 45 hrs (8oz) or 85 hrs (16oz). The host should have working stovetop for creating the candles. The host is required to provide the alcohol and ingredients for the server to make drinks (but don’t worry, we’ve made it easier by providing a shopping list so you know exactly what to get).

I'm all booked. What's next?

We will reach out to you and our creative vendors to confirm your booking, the location of your Gathr, and to get a final guest list of all attendees. You can also let us know if you have any special instructions or notes. Need to reschedule or cancel? You can learn more more about our cancellation policy here.