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Please provide us with on-going days and hours. If your schedule is inconsistent, please provide us with custom dates and times. We will reach out to confirm each booking. (ie: Tuesday-Friday: 3pm-9pm; Saturday-Sunday 1pm-10pm)
// Tips for Writing your Custom Bio: Start with your name. Share your passion. Say something personal or share a fun fact. Show credentials, certifications, and speak to your level experience! If you got it, flaunt it.
Please provide 1-2 sentences that explain your offerings.
Your price should represent the value being shown to the customer. Gathr will earn 20% of the price listed below. Cost of materials and/or travel fees should be built into the ticket price. If you have a minimum you require to make, you can alter pricing to cater to smaller groups. (ie: $60 per person 4-9 guests; $55 per person for 9+ guests). Multiple pricing packages can be listed below or added to the "notes" section.
If you do not have high-resolution photos, a Gathr photographer may be able to help capture some at your first Gathr event.